About Us


Yes Credit Store Corporation is accredited and enjoys A+ ratings by the Better Business Bureau.  We have been serving working folks and retirees since 1988 and enjoy a flawless record of service.  Unlike many online companies, we are available by phone 877-973-1222 to answer any of your questions.

Yes Credit Store Corporation operates YesStore.Club, a service allowing customers to shop their favorite online stores, place their orders through us and enjoy convenient access to our third-party network of finance companies.  Our third-party finance companies offer a full range options for those with good credit or no credit at all. None of our third-party finance companies have any effect on FICO credit scores.  No hard credit checks!  The rate you are approved for is commensurate with your credit history, but almost everyone is approved.  One of our finance companies offers interest-free 4 payment shopping with a high approval rate, even if you have no credit but bank responsibly.      


Yes Credit Store Corporation is a Florida Corporation with executive offices located at 8130 Baymeadows Way West - Suite 305 Jacksonville, FL 32256 877.973.1222.  The company is managed by experienced active and retired professionals with careers in investment banking, accounting, law, management, marketing and administration.  The company mission is providing working families a level playing field for big-ticket consumer durable purchases.      


In December 2000, the company began in Florida leasing-to-own personal computers for 120,000 eligible government employees.  Perfect credit was not required and customers repaid the company systematically through payroll deductions (no longer offered) from their government paychecks.  In 2008 the company expanded into California.  During 2018 the company expanded further by becoming a sponsored employee supplemental benefit for more than 100 million US employees employed by many of the country's largest employers.  Beginning 2020, YesStore.Club expanded their marketing nationwide through social media to working folks and retirees. 


PAY-OVER-TIME through a network of third-party finance companies offering a broad range of approvals and no hard credit check, meaning no affect on FICO scores.  Competitive rates for those with good credit and creative financing solutions for those with less-than-perfect credit.  Instant approval decisions.  Two of our finance companies do not require a down payment or any payment until an agreed date after customers receive their orders.  Customers not approved by their first choice have opportunities for approval applying to other finance companies available in their state.  Our minimum order requirement is $150 and maximum $6,500.  Upon approval by customer's chosen lender, funds will be sent to us electronically in one-to-five business days when the customer's order is released for shipment or store pick-up.